Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Blankie!!!

So, all of my kids get very attached to their blankies. It starts from almost day 1 and continues. Jorden seemed to have gotten the most use out of his blankie, as you can see from the picture. We have been trying this last year to see if we could talk him into giving it up and we have not been too successful! He loves this blankie and whenever we would talk to him about giving it up he would start to cry and be so sad! He used to take it in the car with us, but we had to put a stop to that about two years ago, but it was just plain embarrassing to have it with us. If he ever lost it for a day or two he couldn't sleep. He was very attached. Chad had a few days off this week and decided that it was high time to retire his blankie!

So, we took Jorden to the fabric store and let him choose out his own material and loved that! He first chose dinosaurs, then sharks, but then he saw a pirate one and loved that one. His favorite color is green and so the back of it had to be green. We brought the material home and started on the blankie!

I should say that Chad started on the blankie, because I don't sew! Jorden helped a little bit too. Chad even quadrupled the batting in it to make it really soft. I helped tie it and then we showed it to Jorden. Chad told Jorden that if he wanted the new blankie he had to trade him his old blankie for it!Jorden wasn't sure if he wanted to do that! He said with big puppy dog eyes, "But, I love my old blankie." I told him that now that he was going to kindergarten he needed to get rid of his baby blankie and have a big boy blankie! The deal was the deal. Jorden had to trade it in to get his new one. After alot of discussion, he finally did it! The old blankie went into the garbage! I asked him how his first night was with it and if he liked his new blankie better than his old one. He said no, his old blankie was better, but he still liked his new blankie. I think he likes the idea that he is becoming a big boy now!