Sunday, May 9, 2010

# SIX!!

We just wanted to let people know that we are expecting our 6th and final child. I am due Dec. 12. I have my babies 31/2 weeks early, so we are planning for him to arrive around Nov.17. Yes, Chad and I both feel that we will be having a little boy join our family. Time will tell, but I bet that we are right! The kids are so excited. Brahnson actually took the time to hold and play with a baby today during church. I am happy that this baby is already loved and wanted. Jorden keeps asking if he can feel the baby. I told him it's a little early to be doing that. Camren keeps coming up with all sorts of names. Tori is just plain excited. Sydnee, when we told her that mommy had a baby in her tummy, she said "NO!" She'll come around and I am sure she will be my best helper. Usually, we tell people as soon as we get the positive pregnancy test. This time it has been fun for Chad and I to share a secret for a little while. I am currently 9 weeks along. The Dr. did an ultra sound and said that baby looked great! More updates to come..... Love you all!