Monday, February 23, 2009

Totally Having Mom Withdrawals

So, my mom came to stay with us in Wisconsin. Little did she know that it was going to be for three weeks! We had such a great time. We went out to eat and other places. We forgot our camera every where we went so this isn't going to be a great post that has a lot of pictures of where we went. Sorry Steph! This is the picture she took of our family when we were at church, so she could put it into her family album at home. My mom was able to just sit and relax. Some days, she didn't even get dressed! It was great! I didn't get dressed either if we were just hanging out at home. We played tons of games together. We totally got into "Pride and Prejudice". We watched the whole 6 hour version of it. We researched and found some very enlightening books called "The Pemberly Chronicles." Those books start after the weddings are over and tell about what happens to Mr Darcy and his wife Elizabeth Bennett. We also watched "Jane Eyre" three times and that is a 4-5 hour movie and "Sense and Sensibility". My husband caught up on his sleep on the weekends. Instead of me nagging him to get things done, I was so busy playing games with my mom and watching movies, he took the opportunity to take naps. She went out on our date nights also. We went to Chili's, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, and Bellini's. Bellini's is the best Italian restaurant that I have ever been to! Their Chicken Marsala was to die for. Thanks Honey for finding that one, we will be returning soon! I can't wait until she comes again! I am totally missing her already.
We had great weather while she was here. It even almost got to the 60 degree mark! Then, the day that she was going to go which was Saturday, got dumped on with 6+ inches! We had to have her stay one more day and bump her to the next day! I wasn't sad at all about that one! We go to the airport on Sunday and we are hugging goodbye and I still am not crying! I then look at her and she is crying! That was it for me. I started the tears then and there and continued them off and on the rest of the night. I am still getting a little choked up about it.
It was so great to watch my mom interact with my kids one-on-one! We have lived away from Utah for a number of years now and my kids don't get that too much. They loved spending time with her. She read to them, helped them with their homework, did their dishes, and played games with them. Jorden asked as we were walking out the door to take her to the airport, with a worried look on his face, "How long do we have to give her back?" Mom, you are always welcome at my house. It is a little slower paced than what you are used to and that is a good thing! I don't think she has ever stayed at one of my siblings houses for that long of a time. HMMM...I GUESS THAT MEANS THAT I AM HER FAVORITE!!! :) :) :)


Steph said...

Holy COW!! I can't believe you watched all those movies!!!! So I don't think I got That Jane Eyre/old time movie gene either! It sounds like you 2 had a GREAT time! I am so glad!!!

Davis Family 5 said...

Sounds like heaven. I'm so glad you got her for three whole weeks. And also, your family picture at church is so cute, you are a beautiful family.