Monday, March 23, 2009

Glad my kids are happy!

I am just so glad that I have the kids that I have and they are happy. They make me and my husband happy. Each one of them has had a reason to be happy recently. Tori was so happy on her baptism day and she has been very careful that she keeps the covenants that she made with her Heavenly Father. She always helps me without complaint and loves doing "girl movie night with me." Camren is happy that he has a teacher that is so nice and treats him with kindness. She does so many good thing in that class and is preparing him for Middle school. He was very behind when he came and she just took him under her wing and has helped him with anything that he has needed. They have the most fun activities in their class and also rewards. I couldn't be more pleased with Camren's teacher and his class.

Brahnson is happy about being able to have so much fun in middle school. He has had a lot of new and interesting classes that have given him so much exposure to different things. The blue clip board that you see in the picture is a project that he did in his tech ed class. He totally made that all by himself. He has also had opportunities to learn a little Spanish, French, and German. He has decided that he wants to take French for his Foreign Language requirement for next year. He is also a big help with Sydnee. He will always take her whenever I need him to and she loves it too!

Jorden is happy about all the "girl friends" that he has here. He only has one little boy here that is his age that he has played with and gets along with. The other friends that he has are all girls and they will be going to kindergarten with him next year. He also gets to go to a speech preschool and ride a bus to get there. Very Exciting!

Sydnee is happy to be able to talk and use her words now in order to communicate. We went through a very frustrating time because she knew what she wanted, but couldn't tell us what she wanted. She is getting better and even saying three word sentences now. She knows how to get her way when she wants to with those bright baby blues and her bright smile. She is also happy because she is in Nursery. She absolutely loves it!
Wisconsin has been such a perfect place for our family! Chad told me that he thought that we would still be on the west side of the Mississippi when we were thinking about moving here. He was wrong and I didn't know that until we passed it when we drove over the bridge to it. I wasn't so happy about that, but now that I am here, I can't imagine a better place for our family. Life here is lived in a lot slower pace than we have been used to. We love our ward, our neighborhood, and the schools that our kids go to. The only thing that would make it absolutely perfect is, to have all of our family move here too. I just know that they would love it too if they came here. Don't ya think? :) :)


Steph said...

GREAT POST!!! I love it and even love more that you ALL are so HAPPY!!!!

Debbie D said...

Thank you for your post. It is such a lesson in grattitude. I'm so glad you see the simple gifts. Your post has made me happy too :)

Kendria said...

You do have great kids! I've loved listening to Kristina talk to Tori on the phone the last couple of times. I'm SO glad that they have a deep friendship that even being away physically from eachother doesn't change. Kristina just adores Tori. We love you guys!

A Lane said...

Awsome family, Congrat's Tory! Wish we could have been there.
The Lane's