Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Experiencing all the seasons

So, I have been here for about 10 months now. I have absolutely loved experiencing all of the different seasons. Las Vegas the seasons that you experience are extreme hot, hot, and mild. You also don't see a lot of variance in the color scheme either. I am so glad that I get to experience the changing seasons and the variety in colors!

I came here in June. The summer was incredible! I love it! My favorite part was the fireflies that came out at dusk. We have a field in our backyard and those little lighted bugs covered it! It was so cool! The worse thing was the mosquitoes. I didn't even mind the humidity all that much. We also have a pond in our backyard and the mosquitoes were unbelievable! I have never spent so much money on mosquito repellent as I have here. The temperatures were wonderful here. Being in Las Vegas for three years and three summers, was really taking a toll on me. I do have to say for Vegas, it is nice to be able to go to the park in February and only have to wear jackets.

The Fall here was incredible! The colors were so vibrant! There are farms all around and so you always could find fresh produce! There is a Farmer's Market right down the street from me and they have the most amazing produce. I don't think that I have ever tasted such good produce as I have here. There is a store here called Brennan's and they have these peaches that are so good. They call them "Chin Drippin' Peaches". They have all sorts of other peaches and produce there as well. They have these apples that are called "Honey Crisp" apples. They are not too sweet and not too tart. They have just enough crisp to them when you bite them.

The winter before I got here, Madison had over 100 inches of snow. Everybody told me that when I got here that the farmer's almanac was predicting an even worse winter. We didn't have near the amount of snow that was predicted. I was very grateful for that. We did have cold. I have never experienced cold like they have here. Snow pants are a requirement at school. We even got down to a windchill that was -35- -40 degrees! They also have freezing rain. It makes the roads so slick, it makes everything very slick! I kept telling my friends that it was so cold here and they would just smile and say "Not yet". That was in December. January was when we got very cold.

Well, now it is April. I really love Spring. Mother Nature plays tricks on you here though. It will warm up and just when you think that you are finally experiencing Spring, it snows! It looks very Springlike when you look out your window. Then, you go outside and it would be okay, but the wind makes it really cold still. They have a lot of fun outdoor free activities here and I am anxious to be able to do them again. I just want it to stop snowing and warm up! I looked at the weather for the week and we are supposed to hit mid sixties this week and then it drops again into the 40s by the weekend. Why can't it just warm up and stay that way? The winter was cold enough to last us another year! My friends here tell me that Spring really doesn't start until the middle of May! Spring is almost over by that time! My Las Vegas friends that are reading this are enjoying 80 degree weather right now at night! But, when they have 115 degree summer, I will be enjoying weather in the 80s. Oh well, there are pros and cons to everything!


David and Vicki Wardell Family said...

Barbi, we had a little early Indian summer a couple of weeks ago, but no 80 degrees at night. Currently it is in the high 50 low 60 here and that is in the day. Our mountains have had 3" of snow twice this week. I went to set up a wedding last
Sat in the snow!! Crazy for Southern Nevada in April except for the fact it is Easter! It is always cold here on Easter. I love your new background it is great. Love ya Vicki

"The Adams Family" dadadada said...

Thats what i miss the most!!! 4 seasons! the beautiful colors, the mild temps, the crazy thunder storms! do u get those (thunder storms)? Take lots of pics for me ;-) I really do miss that! did you let the kids catch the fireflies in jars? that was always so fun when i was a kid!