Thursday, June 25, 2009

Answers To Prayers

Tori came to me, a few months ago after a hard emotional day at school, and said that she didn't feel like she had any really good friends her age at school. She explained to me that she played more with the boys because the girls acted dumb. They weren't very nice a lot of the time either and only wanted to play what they wanted to play and wouldn't play what she wanted to play. She asked me what she could do about it. Taking the opportunity to teach, I told her to start praying for friends. I told her that Heavenly Father wanted her to be happy and have good friends. I also told her that she should pray for good friends that were nice and she would get along with. Tori started praying for friends that very night and has kept it up. Lo and behold, she has two new friends that are her age and will be in her grade living on both sides of her! They moved in within a couple of weeks of each other. She has gotten to know one of them and she is very nice. Her name is Courtney. They can play for hours on end and not have one problem. The other friend, Anna, on the other side she hasn't met yet. She will be here this week! I have talked to Tori and made sure that she realizes that Heavenly Father has answered her prayer and that she should make sure that she says thank you to Him. I love it when you have those opportunities to teach your children that prayers really are answered and how much Heavenly Father loves and knows each one of his children. I am also so glad that I have Tori for a daughter and that she does her best to choose the right and to be kind to everyone. I love her dearly!


AMy said...

oooo....such good reading. i thoroughly enjoyed this post :)

Ceri said...

Glad we could help get her prayers answered! :) Seriously, that is very cool that she has 2 friends to play with all summer long as well as all the church kids that really like her too! She's a sweet laid back girl and I am happy that she's found some friends that appreciate her!