Friday, June 19, 2009

We Know the WHAT, Just Not the WHY!!!

So, the doctors and the physical therapist think that Brahnson has Bursitis. They don't know why, because bursitis is not usually seen in 12 year old boys. They are either seen in pregnant women, athletes, or geriatric patients. Brahnson doesn't fit into any of these categories. Anyway, they are treating the symptoms that they can locate. He has pain in his trochataric (SP?) part of his hip. We have to go twice a week and they put this medicine on an electrode and place it on his skin and the electric current pushes it through his skin to the place that it hurts. He still can't sit down after two treatments, but the therapist said it may take a few more to notice any difference. So, as his mother, I am glad that they are doing something for his pain, but I still would like to know why he has this. We will continue our escapades to other doctors next week and hopefully find some more answers! Thanks for all your concern and prayers for his behalf! I'll keep you posted!

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David and Vicki Wardell Family said...

Hang in there!!! Hopefully you will soon get to the bottom of it...Tell Brahnson we are thinking of him.