Monday, June 1, 2009

End Of The Year Concert

Ever since Camren was little, he has always had a little song going on in his head. He would even dance a little when he walked. As he has gotten older, nothing has changed. Camren loves music. Camren has taken up the violin. His school that he goes to has a great Orchestra program. He has had orchestra twice a week with one of those times we have to take him to the Middle School at 7:25 in the morning and then they bus him to his school. He has enjoyed it and practices on his own. Chad and I were really surprised at how much he practiced and kept up on it. We really thought that he would have gotten tired of it and not practiced. He proved us wrong. He loves playing the violin. Hopefully, this summer, I will have more time and I can help him improve to get ready for next year at Glacier Creek Middle School.
This is Camren's friend Jordan Futch. He goes to a different elementary school, but in our ward. He is also in scouts and Sunday classes. We see him every time Camren has a concert.

Camren's teacher Mrs. Corry. She was so good with him. He was the only 5th grade orchestra student and so he got one-on-one lessons with her once a week. She said she was amazed with how quickly that he took to the violin. We are very proud of what he has accomplished in such a little amount of time.


Debbie D said...

Way to go Cameron! What a beautiful talent to learn and expand on. My mom always said musical talents were ones we could use on the other side of the veil. I think this is true. Kelsey wants to cultivate the talent of being a rock star ( well at least she is a good singer and will start choir next year). I guess she can take THAT with her. Congratulations on your fine young man Barbi :)

David and Vicki Wardell Family said...

Good job Camren. Keep it up, you will never regret having that great talent. We miss you guys

NikkiAWardell said...

Congrats on developing his talent and love for music to both Camren and Barbi!!! I know it is lots of work for both of you. Congrats on your new callings as well...I bet you'll do great as I am always impressed at your "enrichment" skills you mention on here!!:)