Friday, December 26, 2008


We had a very nice Christmas! Christmas Eve, Chad and I needed to go and pick up some "special packages" at our friends' house in Cross Plains. We were going down this winding road and hit some black ice. We swerved to not hit a plow truck and hit a snow bank instead facing the other direction we were going. The van was stuck! Luckily, the guy in the plow truck was nice enough to give Chad a ride home to get his tow ropes. While he was gone, two different trucks stopped to see if I needed help. I thought that it was weird that both men that got out of their trucks had shovels automatically with them in their trucks. They started shoveling me out, but it was no use. The snow was too deep and I was too stuck. I told them that my husband would be back soon and that he could get me out. By the way, I wasn't driving when we hit the black ice. Chad was, I just wanted to make that clear. Anyway, one of the men asked if I needed water or crackers and I said no and thanked them, then they left. I was grateful to know that their were good Samaritans in Wisconsin. Chad arrived shortly afterwards with two other vehicles that could pull the van out of the snow bank. We were able to get out, and continued on our way. Needless to say, I will not ever go down that hill again during the winter.
Anyway, Chad's sister and her family came to Wisconsin to share Christmas with us. They arrived on Christmas Eve. We had a big turkey dinner and then decorated Santa's cookies. We stayed up until 1 in the morning. Christmas morning, nobody came to wake us up early and so I went downstairs, hoping to start on breakfast, and found Camren in the living room just waiting for people to wake up! Soon after that all the kids came trickling down and the parents soon followed. We had the kids look in their stockings first and then they took turns opening presents! We had a huge mess at the end of it, but had a lot of fun! All Christmas day, we played and ate! It was great. We really enjoyed having the Curtis' here. It was really nice to spend Christmas with some of our family, instead of being by ourselves. I hope all of you reading this had a very Merry Christmas!

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mamagoff said...

Stuck in the snow. I can relate. Boyce got us stuck twice yesterday in our own cul-de-sac. Besides needing new tires, a very steep road into our house, and a man who says he knows how to drive in the snow--I could scream. We have about a foot and a half of snow that is now melting, so flooding in the little down town area is possible. Check out my blog.
Miss you girl.