Sunday, December 21, 2008

Colder than Ever!!

I just have to say that it is absolutely freezing here. I know that I have said that on previous blogs, but this time I know what I am saying because I have experienced it. The past few days have had unbelievable temperatures and wind chill factors and snow accumulation! We had our second snow day on Friday. The kids got an extra day of Christmas vacation and Chad's work closed at noon because of so much snow. There are 30 people that work for his company and 4 showed up. When I woke up today the normal temperature was -10. We had a windchill advisory that got to -30. I have never experienced cold like this! Church was cancelled for the other ward that shares our building because of how cold it was. Our bishop considered cancelling church today or just having sacrament meeting today because of the cold. He didn't, but I was glad that we only lived across the street for our building. The wind has caused a lot of drifting snow all over the roads. The fields all over our area look like frozen waves on an ocean. My friends say that this is cold, but it gets colder come January!

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