Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our First "Snow Day"

I didn't take any pictures for this post. We had our first "snow day" yesterday. The night before we had freezing rain and then about 5-7 inches of snow. I have never seen freezing rain. It falls very lightly, but it freezes on anything it touches. We had ice droplets all over our windows. It is a really bad thing for the roads. It makes the roads really slick. They cancelled school for the day because of it. I didn't think it looked all that bad, but if you went outside you slipped if you were not careful.
I have heard that we are in for a long winter. Last year there was over 100 inches of snow! The Farmer's Almanac is predicting even more for this year. I don't mind the snow as much as I thought I would. I just don't like the cold with the wind chill factor. The other morning it was 7 degrees, but the wind chill made it feel like -2. I dread having to go out anywhere. My kids love playing in it, but lately they haven't been staying out too long. I just try not to go out at all!


Jeromy-Hollie Sampson said...


Our heater went out last night, and I had to have a neighbor come over and fix it for me. For the few minutes we were without heat. Tell me how glad I wasn't living in Wisconsin. Your are a trooper, keep it up.

Steph said...

We haven't got much snow yet but I'm ready for it. Been kinda cold but not like there....YET!

Jeromy-Hollie Sampson said...

HEy Barbi,

Talk with Steph, she will hook you up. Just click back to my Biog and click on the Dog. It will link you over to the website. Hollie likes your Biog better, and she wants me to change mine likes yours. I'm hooked on Biogging, and you can blame steph.