Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Christmas Spirit

We got our Christmas Tree up and decorated. I have to say that our decorations keep getting higher and higher. Sydnee thinks they are "pitty" and has to touch them and as a result has broken a lot of them! Our small entryway Christmas tree was something that we go when we were in Las Vegas and too lazy to put up the big one. I am glad that we made the effort to put up the big one.

I love this part of Christmas when you can say that all your neighbor treats and gifts are out and you are done with Christmas shopping. We are going to have Chad's sister Jen and her family come and stay with us for Christmas. We are so excited to be able to share this holiday with "real" extended family. Chad and I have been away for a lot of Christmas' and have tried to form and continue on with the Christmas traditions that are a good fit for our family. It still is not easy to have to go through so many holidays without our extended family around, so it is fun when they come to us, instead of us going to them. My kids are counting down the days until the Curtis family gets here.

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