Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This picture of Jorden was taken in November. We had our first official snow ans Jorden was able to make his first snowball. Then, a few weeks later we got a big winter storm. We still have that snow! It is so cold here and my friends just laugh and say that it is cold, but it is not yet freezing! What am I going to do? My friends in Las Vegas tell me that it is still in the 70s. Our high tomorrow is going to be 22 degrees, our low is going to be 8 degrees! My kids are liking the snow for going sledding. They come in the house and want hot cocoa to warm up. I have not been able to find certain name brands of foods that I like here and one of those is Stephen's Hot Chocolate. I did find one called Polar Express and it is pretty good. I just don't know if I can handle all these adjustments! :]


Steph said...

It looks super COLD!!! Burrrr! Weather has been good here. No snow yet! It's time though.

Kendria said...

I think it looks wonderful! I am jealous!