Monday, November 17, 2008

Brahnson and Sydnee

I have to say, at times, Brahnson can be very hard. I truly believe that Sydnee was sent to us to soften him. It doesn't matter how bad of a mood he is in, if Sydnee is around he is instantly happier. Sydnee is the same way. Brahnson can always make her day brighter. She prefers him over her mom sometimes. The first thing that he asks when he gets home from anywhere is "Is Sydnee awake?" If she is, he goes and finds her and if she isn't, he wakes her up and plays with her. She is always happy to see him. She stops whatever she is doing, stands by his feet, puts her arms up towards him, and says "Up!". He picks her up and she gives him big hugs that she rarely gives anyone else. They have a very sweet relationship. We love them both dearly!


Steph said...

Barbi what a heart warming picture!!! It is funny how every member of the family plays a part! I think even about ours. We all play a definate roll.

Kendria said...

Brahnson has always had a way with little children. He gives them attention and time. What a great blessing for them both!