Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Henry Villas Zoo

The first picture you see of Sydnee was taken before we went to the zoo. I had gotten her all ready to go and then she got into Jorden's candy and she thought it was pretty funny. When I was ready this is what I found when I came downstairs.

This zoo is totally free. It has all the animals you could want, except elephants. It is not as big as Hogle, but they spread their animals out so you can see more of them when you go. It was such a wonderful day we thought we would take advantage of the opportunity and go to the zoo. It is supposed to snow majorly on Friday and Saturday! I don't think that I am ready for that yet.

This zoo has a wonderful play area! Sydnee loved it. For most of the pictures that you see of her, we had to take two or three. She would look at the person that was taking them, and then they would say "1, 2, 3!" Sydnee would turn her head as soon as they said "3!" every time!

Even though this zoo is free, you would think that it didn't have a lot of animals or good animals. Wrong! They have 2 huge polar bears and I think 3 or 4 other kinds of bears. I was shocked the first time I went.

They have cute photo opportunities too!

Jorden at the play ground! We went with our friends Karin Johnson and her little boy, Walker. Jorden and Walker get along very well!

Behind me is all the flamingos that they have and you can see the big playground area a little bit better.

They have three giraffes. A daddy, mommy and a baby. You can see the baby behind the boys. This is a very likely place that we will go if we have any visitors in the Spring, Summer, or Fall. I can't guarantee that in the Winter.

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