Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Backyard

This is what we see when we look out our back yard. In the distance, you can see a pole sticking out. That is a tornado siren. Every Wednesday around noon it goes off as a test. I have never heard one before I moved here. We see a lot of birds here. We get a lot of them in our backyard. I have seen a few wild turkeys, but not in our backyard yet.

This is the pond that we have in our backyard. My neighbor's daughter said that it froze completely solid last winter and she liked to ice skate on it. The other picture has all the ducks and Canada geese we get on the pond. They are pretty wild. I gave my kids some bread to go feed the ducks and they swam away from them and hid in the bushes. The ducks that I grew up with always would come near you when you had bread.

I'm glad we have some small sledding hills in the back. Jorden is just waiting for it to snow so he can go sledding. We have had snow, but nothing that has stuck around. My friend told me that last year it really started snowing around the first part of December and didn't stop until mid April! They had over 100 inches of snow. The farmer's almanac, that is pretty accurate, is predicting even more snow this winter!


Steph said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so GLAD you LOVE it there!!!! I just love to read your blogs and catch up!!! We really really need to get all the other brothers and sisters doing it! Jess is kinda anti ? I would love to check in on everyone! I will really try at Thankgiving to get them se up and BLOGGING!!!!

Kendria said...

It looks like somewhere I would love to live as well. You all are lucky to be there, I think!