Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is in response to my sister Stephanie's TAG!
She tagged everyone that read her blog and now that you are reading my blog, you are tagged also! TAG!!! YOU ARE IT!! (for those who don't know about tags if you are reading this you HAVE to do this same tag on your blog.)
Five favorite family memories.
Here are five of my many favorite memories.
1.Thanksgiving and Christmas at Aunt Margaret's house with her yummy punch and raspberry candies
2. Grandpa always giving a kiss on each cheek anytime I saw him. The kisses were always wet!
3. Going to Richfield and the Ideal Dairy's punch bags! I think they still have them!
4. Clothes shopping with mom. She always made it very fun and always took me out to lunch! If you went shopping with dad, he would get you the same thing just in different colors. Then, you would have to clean out his shoe closet.
5. Going to Cedar City with my mom and sisters. I always had to visit the Indian store to buy bottles of painted sand and polished rocks. Looking back, it was a waste of money. At the time, I thought I had the best treasures! It will be even more fun this next year when Tori goes with me!

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Steph said...

GOOD TIMES!!! Makes me miss mom and dad!:(