Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tori's Baptism

At Tori's Baptism, Camren gave the opening prayer. Brahnson gave a talk on baptism. Our friend, Kristina Walker gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. We have a girl in our ward that plays the viola and she and I played "I Know My Redeemer Lives". We had testimonies and Chad performed the ordinances.

Chad's dad, Dennis, was the only outside family that was able to attend her baptism. We were grateful that he was there. Her uncle Cole tried, but had to take a load to California.

This is Tori after she was baptized. We are so proud of Tori for making the choice to be baptized. I have to remember in the future to go from last to first when blogging! Sorry if this is a little confusing!

Tori was baptized on October 26, 2008. They do baptisms here more on Sundays. We had over 50 people attend. I was amazed! The ward here really supports the baptisms. We had homemade brownie sundaes afterward. A member of our bishopric works at the University Dairy and gave us a three gallon tub of vanilla ice cream. We literally went to the last scoop of that. I made my homemade hot fudge and people volunteered to bring Brownies. It was a nice time.


Steph said...

OH Barb!!! I LOVE that you are doing this! I started to cry when I saw Tori on baptism day!!!

Steph said...

Barb you can also go to my blogg and click on the blogs I follow (friends and family)and there blogs will come up and you can get ideas for interesting and fun things to do on your blog.