Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Decorating Early

Chad wants to take away my "traditional" Thanksgiving. He wants to go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. He even got the kids on his side too. So, I couldn't wait to get on to the next holiday and start putting up Christmas decorations. Tori and I wen to a super Saturday for Relief Society and made these Christmas ball ornaments to put on our tree. It was way fun to spend time with her that way! Jorden just wanted his picture taken.

We can't really put nails into our fireplace mantel, so I found these cute things at Menards!(that's like a Home Depot) I was so excited that I had to put them up! Don't they just make you feel happy? I love them. And yes, you can count eight stockings up, even though we only have seven people in our family. We thought we should buy an extra just in case we add another person to our family in the future. There are no announcements that are being made by that statement. (:

Sydnee loves to see all the decorations. I'm only doing a little at a time. I also got my chocolate and that made me a little excited for Christmas too. Chad found a food distributor that is only an hour away. Instead of getting my usual 10lbs. He got me 50lbs. I will be dipping a lot of chocolate this year and the next!


Steph said...

CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you CRAZY!!!!! No do what you need to do to feel the spirit!!! Holy cow I don't even reconize Jordon! He looks so big!

Kendria said...

Jeremy can't believe that Chad talked you (his wonderful cook-of-a wife) into going out to eat Thanksgiving dinner! :0) Hope you all have fun and know that we're thinking of you.

Steph said...

Hey I just looked at this post again and thought that is ALOT of stockings!!!! Are you sure you have that many?????????